Waterfalls in Gujarat |Top 8 Most Famous & Beautiful Waterfalls

Beautiful Waterfalls in Gujarat

Waterfalls in Gujarat : Gujarat has an impressive collection of waterfalls owing to the nature of its landmass, which is coupled up with a lush green, thieving surrounding.

A visit to these serene and picturesque waterfalls will definitely put all your stress and frustration at bay.

Are you planning on a visit to Gujarat? Then these beautiful waterfalls should definitely be visited:

Gira Waterfalls – Saputara

Breathtakingly beautiful around monsoon, these seasonal Waterfalls are among the most picturesque sight in the district. Located about 3 KM from Waghai town, the Gira waterfall is 30 mt natural drops into the Ambika River. It is open to public and accessible by jeeps on hire. 

Hathanimata Watarfalls – Panchmahal

Since it is one of the best waterfalls in the state of Gujarat, the seasonal rush brings in a lot of tourists almost year-round. However, the best time to visit is during the month of monsoon.

Jambughoda is home to one of the most breathtaking and magnificent waterfalls you can visit in the Indian subcontinent. About a 100 meters in length and flowing with rich greenery.

Hatni Waterfalls are surrounded by a variety of beautiful flora and fauna. 

Zarwani Waterfall – Rajpipla

Zarvani Waterfall located within the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Sanctuary home to many species of Animal, birds and plants, Visitors can take advantage of both waterfalls and surrounding nature. 

In this area mobile network is very poor here and nothing to eat around so carry stuff to drink and eat. Reaching towards the fall is little bit adventurous. First passing after the check point you have to drive inside the jungle, it will give you off-roading feel as the ascent on the hill is rough.

Ninai Waterfalls – Bharuch

Ninai is a waterfall in Dediapada taluka of Narmada district in the Indian state of Gujarat.Ninai is located off State Highway 163 (Gujarat). It is approximately 35 km from Dediapada and approximately 143 km from Surat.

Nearest railway station is Bharuch which is around 125 km away and nearest airport is Surat. The height of Ninai falls is more than 30 feet. It is situated in Dediapada’s beautiful forest ranges besides Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary.

Jamjir Water fall – Gir National Park

Jamjir Waterfalls also known as Zamzeer Waterfalls and is located in Junagadh District in the state of Gujarat. The falls is near Kodinar, the nearest town. This waterfall is considered as one of the biggest falls in Gujarat.

The falls is not a safe place for bathing as the force of water that runs down on two different levels in to a pool below is too strong. There is no access to the bottom of the pool.

Zanzari Water Fall – Dehgam

Zanzari Waterfall, also spelled as Jhanjhari Waterfall, emerges from Vatrak River in Dehgam. It is a ferocious series of rapids which offers a picturesque sight to visitors.

Zanzari Waterfall attracts a lot of tourists who are looking to spend some relaxing time under the shining sun or want to practice their photography skills.

It is a delightful hangout spot and is a great place to unwind. Zanzari is situated at a close distance from Ahmadabad and serves as a pleasant getaway on weekends.

A temple is situated near Zanzari Waterfall where cars can be parked. From there, you have to undertake a short trek to reach the waterfall.

But the option of camel ride is also available which one of the main attractions of the waterfall is. It a serene retreat and is untouched by commercialization.

A long walk to the waterfall is perfect for calming the senses and rejuvenating your spirits.

Gurumukh Water Fall – Songadh

The gaumukh temple is situated near don town in songadh tapi district. The gaumukh temple is oldest temple of shiva.

The temple is surrounded by forest so it’s quite famous in people. For tourist its the best place for hangout. The Gujarat government declares this place as a tourist place few years ago.

Some renovation work also done there.

This is the oldest temple of gaumukh mahadev. The place is surrounded by the forest. The atmosphere of this place is peaceful and pleasant.

Girmal Falls – Saputara

At a distance of 35 km from Mahal, 50 km from Ahwa, 78 km from Waghai, and 89 km from Saputara, Girmal is a breathtaking waterfall situated at Girmal village near Saputara in Gujarat. Situated inside Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, it is the highest waterfall in Gujarat and among the prime places to visit near Saputara. Girmal Waterfall is formed over Girmal River. It cascades down from a height of more than 100 feet. Hidden inside dense forests of Dangs, Girmal Falls has picturesque beauty in monsoon season.

The water fluently crashes from great height, forming clouds of fog, through which one can often experience rainbows.

Enroute to Girmal near village Gavdahad, the river Gira takes a complete U-turn.

Forest department has developed a beautiful viewpoint exactly above the U-turn. Watching a massive green patch of Purna Sanctuary surrounded by U-shaped Gira is a spectacular experience.

Eco-Development Committee (EDC) of the Forest department runs a restaurant named as ‘U-turn restaurant’ at this juncture. With four Girli Lodges with attached bathrooms and an Interpretation Center, the place is a nice refreshing spot.


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