Under water hotels in the world : Can you think that there can be hotels under water? Colorful fishes in your hotel room, vibrant blue water and a relaxed feeling of being under water. Sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it? Make those dreams come true by staying in one of these beautiful underwater hotels around the world. We tell you about some such hotels of the world.


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Lover’s Deep is an incredibly romantic, luxury 5-star accommodation beneath the waves. Essentially a submarine hotel that takes its adventurous travelers on an exciting and unforgettable under water  hotels journey.

Couples can take full advantage of the isolated environment to be closer together in a romantic and unique setting. 

Lover’s Deep, on the other hand, dives deep into the beautiful Caribbean, taking in visits to the islands luxury 5-star hotel with exquisitely decorated hotel suites beneath the surface of the Pacific of Barbados, Montserrat, Martinique, St. Lucia and a couple of others.

Three people pamper guests and care for their needs, a chef, a personal butler, and the captain of the vessel. Their sleeping quarters are at the other end of the vessel, affording guests more privacy.


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Located in the lagoon at Key Largo Undersea Park, Jules’ is the world’s only under water hotel where scuba diving is the only way to get to your room.

In addition to overnight stays in the Lodge, the Park offers a great SCUBA training location in its Lagoon, with a depth of up to 30′ in a protected setting. Individuals can get Open Water certified here, do a Discover SCUBA Diving course, or just dive around in the lagoon.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

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InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a luxury hotel located in Songjiang, the root of Shanghai, is 40 minutes from the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

It sits the landmark of China at 88 meters closer to the heart of earth. The hotel is an awe-inspiring destination bringing together affluent travelers to experience the glamour of InterContinental life in business, leisure and adventure travel.


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Discover THE MURAKA, a first-of-its-kind, luxury two-level residence with a master bedroom submerged over 16 feet below sea level in the Indian Ocean, as part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort.

Experience a private seaplane arrival or travel from the main resort by our private speedboat, which you can use for the duration of your stay, before being escorted along THE MURAKA jetty by your personal island host.


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Paradise lost? Fear not, this place is what your inner visions are made of. Close your eyes and dream. This is what will appear.

If you are familiar with Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” you will instantly and emotionally connect with Manta Resort and Pemba Island.

If not – make sure you read and digest it. You long to take the road less travelled, you (like most people) often think about it. But rarely do.

Pemba is a rare gem. A remote tropical and pristine island off the east coast of Africa, untouched by mass tourism. Home to compassion, simplicity and time. But simplicity does not necessarily exclude luxury. Or as we call it – “real luxury”.

The Manta Resort is situated at the northern tip of the island. It is for the dedicated, the true explorers with an urge to find a home where there is heart and purpose.

It is for those who will endure the extra bumpy mile to discover a haven of non-polluted serenity, of silence, solitude and inclusion. Where you are greeted as family, not as a stranger or a tourist.

A different reality, closer to nature, closer to the true you. A home of friendliness, sunshine, natural food, superior service, fresh air, diving in crystal clear waters and timeless existence. A five-star retreat at the end of the road you are about to take.


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Endless seascapes. Infinite seduction. Surrender to the embrace of Huvafen. Awaken to a world of timeless luxury. A secret haven on North Malé Atoll, just 30 minutes by speedboat from the international airport.

A dreamscape of hidden pleasures, where every second transcends time. A sanctuary for lovers of life.

A secret sanctuary. A sensuous journey. Embrace a world of timeless beauty. Above. Below. All around.


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If you’re looking for odd, tack, or gaud, Dubai is a good place to start. And if you’ve been wondering if the lost city of Atlantis is ever likely to be found, the answer is yes.

It’s here, right outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel’s two underwater suites, Poseidon and Neptune.

They look out into Ambassador Lagoon, its 65,000 marine inhabitants, and the sunken ruins of the city. Given the proximity to the bed, it’s a wonder no one spotted it before.

Three Spirits Floating Hotel

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Three separate boats that look nothing like any boat we’ve seen before. They function independently as a ballroom, casino, and, in what sounds like a Harry Potteresque Room of Requirement, as the Hall of Multi functional Purposes. 

When locked together they create an enclosed pool. This concept hotel also features under water hotels, where guests can watch marine life from the comfort of their own room.


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Each of the 24 undersea suites measures 51 square meters (approximately 561 square feet) and offers a totally immersive underwater experience.  

A full 70% of the surface are of each suite is transparent acrylic.  Privacy can be maintained by guest controlled LCD screens covering each acrylic panel. 

The focal point will be the huge full diameter transparent wall at one end of the suite, looking out to a private coral garden. Each suite will also be equipped with underwater lights and push button fish feeders.

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