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History of Ambaji Temple

Ambaji temple in situated near the Aravalli mountain range and this is one of the most powerful Shaktipeeth of Goddess Sakthi.

Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Mandir is famous as a pilgrimage across India in the Danta taluka of Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat.

The temple is known as a mythical Shaktipeeth.

Millions of devotees come to the pilgrimage to bow to Goddess Amba.

The state government has renovated the temple and completed the work of the Shikhar and established the golden kalash in order to maintain the happiness and facilities for the devotees and also to obtain peace of mind and strength.

ambaji temple
ambaji temple

Arasuri Ambaji Mata Mandir is the only Shaktipith in India with 358 Kalash. Among the 51 Shaktipiths, Ambaji is considered to be the center of the faith of millions of devotees.

The sacred pilgrimage located at the Girimala of Aravalli is at Ambaji 240-20 latitude and 720-51 longitude at an altitude of 1600 feet above sea level.

The population of the nearby villages is about 20,000. There has been a massive development of the marble industry and the other industries of goods relating to the devotees, in the village where the Ambaji temple is situated.

According to the story of the revelation of Ma Amba, Prajapati Daksha had organized a Mahayagya, called Brihaspati Sak.

Daksha had invited all the gods, but his son-in-law Lord Shankar was not called. On hearing the news about mahayagya, even after Lord shankar’s denial,Sati devi reached there for the mahayagya at her father’s place.

Inviting Lord Shiva to the Mahayagya held at his father’s house and listening to his husband’s bid by his father, she fell into Yajkund and gave up her life. Lord Shiva worshiped Sati Devi with awe, lifted her body and started to sail around all the three “loks”. 

Loed Vishnu feared that this would cause the entire world towards destruction and so Vishnu, with his chakra, detached Sati’s body into pieces and shatterd them on earth. Parts and charms of Sati Deh fell on the Fifty Two sites. At these places, one of the Shakti and one Bhairava became immobile, assuming all forms.

These Fifty Two mahapiths are mentioned in Tantra Chudamani. Arasuri Ambaji is considrerd to be one of the Shaktipiths.

 It is believed that the part of Mataji’s heart was broken in Arasur. The Bhagavata mentions that Lord Krishna’s hair removal was done at Arasura Ma Amba’s place.

On that occasion Ned Yashoda planted jaws at Mataji’s place and remained in Ambaji for seven days. Even today, the place is found on Mount Gabbar.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that Mataji stayed in Arasur during the exile. During the exile, Lord Ram and Laxman also came to the ashram of Shri Rishi in the forests of Arbuda to seek Sita.

When Rishi sent them to Darshan for the blessings of Mataji, Mataji was pl eased that Lord Rama had given Ajay Bana to kill Ravana.

And it is believed that Ravan was destroyed by the arrow. And legends and folk legends introduce this mythical religion. The tradition of praises of Ambaji is found in a number of Puranas, ranging from Puranas to Adi Shankara and Archaic history and travel narratives.

 The temple is said to have been of historical history in Prague. Even the present location seems to be twelve hundred years old.

Prior to independence Rajvi Shri Bhavan Singh Parmar was the other worshiper of Mataji. He is well-known as a beloved Rajivi who is highly educated.

 During his rule, his son Prithviraj Singhji came to power after Bhawan Singh, as the representative of the Governor General of India, during his rule, Shri VP Mannan, Secretary of the Government of India (Ministry of States) and Donor’s royal Shri Prithviraj Singhji.

According to the merger agreement, the donor state merged with the Union of India.

After the merger of the donor state Bharat Sangh, legal questions arose about the ownership of the temple of Ambaji Mother Shri Prithviraj Singhji and the immediate Minister of State of India, Shri H. Gopal Swamy Iyagar, There was a lot of correspondence between Dr.K. N. Kanje and later Shri V. Vishwanathan.

Finally, by letter of Shri Prithviraj Singhji dated 25.25-53, the President of India was requested to refer the matter to the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court, Prithviraj Singhji, was given possession of the Ambaji Mata Temple. Subsequently, the state government established the Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mother Devasthan Trust for the administration of the Ambaji Temple.

Other Site Seeing: 

Gabbar Tirth:

According to the Indian Scriptures Gabbar Tirth, situated on the bank of the origin of the Vedic Virgin River SARASWATI, in the hills of Arasur in Ambica forest, towards south-west side to old hills of Arvalli is one of the Fifty One (51) famous Ancient Pauranik Shakti Piths in India.

In Accordance with the legend in Devi Bhagvat, Mahisasur was a dangerous demon to the whole universe, therefore all the Gods under the leadership of Tridev Bhrahma (Lord of Creation), Vishnu (Lord of Maintenance) & Mahesh (Lord of Destruction) ultimately went to the final recourse to the Mahadevi Adhya Shakti, the Supreme Original Cosmic Power of The Universe and worshiped her for rescue and help.

 And then Adhya Devi Shakti incarnated on earth with weapons surrounded by a bright circle of sunny rays, so as The Atomic Energy emerges from its origin and Devi killed and absolved the demon Mahishasur by her holy sword and since then she became known in the world as “Mahisasur Mardini “.

Just 5 km away from Ambaji Temple, The famous mountain of Gabbar is situated on the border of State of Gujarat and Rajasthan, near the flow of the origin of the famous Vedic virgin river SARASWATI.

On the hills of Arasur in forest , towards south-west side to ancient hills of Arvalli, at the altitude of about 480 meters, at about 1600 feet high from sea level, having at 8.33 sq km (5 sq. miles area ) area as a whole, and it is in fact One of the Fifty One (51) famous ancient (Pauranik) Shakti Piths.

The Centre of Cosmic Power of India and it is the original holy place of Mata Ambaji, where the piece of the heart of the dead body of Devi Sati fell at the top of this holy hill of Gabbar as per the legend narrated in the “Tantra Chudamani”.

Rope Way :


In order to develop Ambaji Pilgrimage as a Hill Picnic Place of Gujarat, Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust has recently in 1998 installed and inaugurated Shri Amba Devi Udan Khatola Facilities, that is to say, a Rope Way on the mountain of Gabbar, with the help of Usha Breco Co. of Calcutta on a lease basis, so that more and more pilgrims can visit and enjoy the beauty and holiness of Gabbar with so ease and joy, just by reaching in time, without any trouble.

Rope way on Gabbar Hill has in fact encouraged more and more tourists and pilgrims, especially the aged and infirmed and senior citizens people from all corners of the world to come and sit in Rope Way in order to swing in the arms of the Beauty of Holy Gabbar Hill and its rocky surroundings.

Kailash Hill Sunset :

Kailash Tekari – A Picnic cum Pilgrimage Place : Just one and half km away from Ambaji on Khedbrahma Highway, there is a beautiful Shivalaya on the hill named “Kailash tekari”, where one can go only by climbing the steps and walking on a wonderful hilly area of Kailash Tekari.

The exploring Kailash tekari is always a pleasant experience for visitors, along with its beautiful Sunset Point. Moreover, The Temple Trust has recently constructed a big Artistic Stone Gate at the Temple of Mahadev on Kailash Tekari, which is also administered by Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust.

Kamakshi Mandir :

This Holy Temple of Kamakshi Devi is not run by Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust (SAAMDT) but is run and administered by another institute.

kamakshi mandir ambaji
kamakshi mandir ambaji

 Just 1 km away from Ambaji near Kumbharia Jain Temple on Khedbrahma Highway, there is a modern architect of Kamakshidevi Temple Complex, where all the 51 Shakti Pith, the centre of cosmic power are reconstructed and installed in a single complex so as to give total information to the visitors and devotees of the great Shakti Sampraday about the various incarnations of Adhya Shakti mata.

Koteshwar :

Just 5 km away from Ambaji near the Origin of the Vedic Vargin River Saraswati, there is an ancient temple of Shri Koteshwar Mahadev, attached with a Holy Kund and the flows of river Saraswati from the Mouth of Cow (Gaumukh), incurved in a rock.

 As per a legend there was an Ashram of Rushi Valmiki, the author of Ramayana, near Valmiki Mahadev temple and the King of Mevad, Maha Rana Pratap had renovated this holy temple, It is said that during the Mutiny of Independence in 1857, Nana Saheb Peshwa had taken his abode in the cave of this temple. This Place is a beautiful & peaceful in forest.

Kumbharia Dera :

Just a kilometer away from Ambaji near the state High way, another important historical place, with beautiful marble carvings and piece of a wonderful architect Kumbharia Jain Temples cannot be left or avoided to visit.

As per a legend, Mata Ambaji had suggested to Sheth Vimal Shah to build and construct 360 Jain Temples to the dedication of Jain Tirthankers.

But when he was frequently asked about who had built these temples, he disregarded the holy grace of Mata Ambaji, hence Mataji became furious over Vimal Shah and destroyed all the 360 temples except 5 five which are undoubtedly marvelous jain temples, made of marbles and artistic architecture.

It is said that Vimal Shah had repented for his fault and he had installed the idols of Mata Ambaji as Shashan Devi, Goddess of Empire, in his all other Jain temples, situated in Mount Abu and other places.

 This Holy Jain Temples of Kumbharia are not run by Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust (SAAMDT) but is run and administered by another institute.

Kumbhleshwar Mahadev :

Just 3 km away from Ambaji near Kumbharia Jain Temple there is an ancient Kumbheshawar Mahadev Temple which has been built as per Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian Science of Architecture, with wonderful pieces of architect and Holy idol Ling of Ashutosh, and Jaladhari made from marble, continuously pouring holy water on the Shivlinga.

Mangalya Van :

A centre of a forestation Movement. This wonderful place of natural beauty is run by Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust (SAAMDT)

Mansarovar :

Man Sarovar is behind the main temple. It is said to have been constructed by Shri Tapishanker, a Nagar Devotee of Ambaji from Ahmedabad, during the year 1584 to 1594. There are two temples on two sides of this holy tank, one is of Mahadev and another is Ajay Devi , who is believed to be the sister of Mata Ambaji .

The visitors and devotees use to take holy bath in this Man Sarovar. it is also very important source of history of Ambaji that there is an ancient Monument of Scripts Writings and Old Carvings on Rock Stone “Shilalekh” of Raja Maldev, dated Hindu Calendar Samvat year 1415, in Ajay Devi Mandir.

The Temple Trust has also undertaken the renovation projects in respect of Holy Man Sarovar, and its temples and surroundings, behind the main Temple.

Marble Mines :

Ambaji is surrounded by hills of Arasur which is very rich with different kinds of minerals and white marbles, hence several Mineral Units of Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation and some private units of Marbles Mines have established and flourished well here in vicinity of Ambaji.

Rinchhadiya Mahadev : 

Just 1 km away from Kumbharia Jain Temple, in the beautiful surroundings with a Dam Site, there is also an ancient Shivalay Rinchhadiya Mahadev which is on the bank of Astakoni Vav, a wonderful piece of Architect to visit

 This Holy Temple of Richhadia Mahadev is not run by Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust (SAAMDT) but is run and administered by another institute.

Someshwar : 

Just 1 km away from Kumbharia Jain Temple in the village of Jetwas village of Danta Taluka, there is an ancient place of Someshawar Mahadev Temple which is also on the bank of a water spring.

And near to this site seeing place, there is an ancient temple of Maa Chamunda on the back of river

Devotees Facility

In order to furnish an economic yet with some higher and more comfortable lodging & boarding facilities to all class of pilgrims and devotees of Mata Amba Bhawani, Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust has founded a new multi story building, namely, Shri Jagat Janani Pathikashram in opposition to the sites of Ambica Vishram Gruh and State Transport Bus Station Depot.

It has 48 Double and Single Rooms, attached with all other amenities, like conference room, dining hall, garden, play ground, parking etc… There are 10 (ten) dormitories facility for single male and female tourists.
The Trust charges very nominal rents, for all the accommodation provided to the devotee, at no profit no loss basis.

As the location of this Holiday Inn is situated on the top of the city Ambaji, one cannot miss to look at the beautiful scenery of the whole spread over city of Ambaji and The Holy Temple in the middle, from the windows of this inn.

Ambaji Temple Timings

Ambaji temple is open for darshan all seven days of the week.

The visiting hours are – 07:00 AM to 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM to 04:30 PM and 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM.

AMBAJI TEMPLE Contact Detail

Address: Ambaji, Ta.Danta, Dist.Banaskantha -385110

Email: jayambe_ad1@rediffmail.com, info@ambajitemple.in

Website: www.ambajitemple.in www.51shaktipeethambaji.org

Telephone No:

Administrator: 02749-262136

Admin Branch: 02749-262636

Temple Inspector Office: 02749-262236


Fax: 02749-264536, 262931

Shree Ambica Vishram Gruh: 02749-262143

Shree Jagadjanni Pathikaram: 02749-262800

Cottage Hospital: 02749-262155

Shree Ambika Bhojnalay: 02749-262505

Shree Ambaji Arts College: 02749-264897, 262200

Shree Ambica Sanskrut Mahavidhyalay: 02749-262736

Public Relation Office: 02749-262636

Diwaliba Gurubhavan: 02749-262243

Shri Jagat Janani Pathikashram  

Address: Opp. S.T. Stand and Ambica Vishram Gruh,On the hill, Ambaji -385110

Phone    : 02749-262800

Email     : info@ambajitemple.in

Shree Ambika Vishram Gruh

Tel. No. (02749)-262143

Ambaji Temple nearest Railway Station :

The railway station closest to the town of Ambaji is at Abu Road which is only 20 kilometre away. Taxis and other modes of public transport are available from the railhead. The railway station is connected to all the major Indian cities and the rest of Gujrat.

Ambaji Temple nearest Air Port :

Nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at Ahmedabad which is about 186 km from Ambaji

How Reach Ambaji temple from Mount Abu?

Distance between Mt Abu to Ambaji is 49 km by Road along with an aerial distance of 32 km. No direct flights or trains or buses are available between Mt Abu to Ambaji.The convenient, fastest and cheapest way to reach from Mt Abu to Ambaji is to take a taxi from Mt Abu to Ambaji.

How far is Ambaji temple from Ahmedabad?

Ambaji is within Driving distance of Ahmedabad (180 Kms – 3.00 hours).

Who built Ambaji temple?

Man Sarovar is behind the main temple. It is said to have been constructed by Shri Tapishanker, a Nager Devotee of Ambaji from Ahmedabad, from 1584 to 1594. There are two temples on two sides of this holy tank, one is of Mahadev and another is Ajay Devi, who is believed to be the sister of Mata Ambaji.

How many steps are there in Gabbar?

The hill is located at an altitude of 400 m above the sea level and is spread across an area of eight sq. km.

Situated at a height of 480 m; the prominent attraction on this hill is the temple under the holy pipal tree. The temple consists of 999 steps.

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